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Online enrolment assistance

This page outlines the step-by-step instructions to enrol for your payroll, benefits and pension package using UBC’s online enrolment system, UBC Benefits Sign-On. If you haven’t yet, please read the overview page on the enrolment process and what information you need to have on hand to complete the forms.

How long will it take?

Please give yourself enough time to complete this session in one sitting. Most people require 30 to 60 minutes to complete the session.

Is my work saved?

Because of security measures, no personal data is saved at any point. Your session will be stopped and you will lose all your work if:

  • you close down the session part way through;
  • your keyboard is inactive (no typing or mouse movement is detected) for more than 30 minutes; or
  • you exit the session without printing the completed forms.

Step 1: Enter your personal data

All fields indicated with an asterisk * are required fields and must be completed before you click Submit at the bottom of the page. As you complete these fields, be sure to Tab or Click into the next fields. Pressing Enter will submit the form.

The personal data you enter here will automatically fill the personal information in the subsequent online forms. If you later find any errors in this information, update your details in the Personal Data form, and the changes will be updated throughout all other forms.

Select your Enrolment Code

Using the drop-down menu, select your Benefits Enrolment Code. This code is located in your Offer Letter. If you have not received your Offer Letter, please contact your Department Administrator.

If you notice that you have selected the wrong Enrolment code, you may change it in Step 2.

Step 2: Review your Checklist of Forms

  • After selecting your Enrolment Code, your Checklist of Forms appears. The Checklist lists all the enrolment forms for the mandatory and optional benefits you are eligible for.
  • The Mandatory list shows the mandatory benefits you must sign up for. It also includes the mandatory payroll forms (UBC Checklist, Personal Data Form, Direct Deposit Form) and the Employment Equity Census Questionnaire (see Step 3 below) that you must complete. You can skip the Direct Deposit Form if you have completed it already.
  • The Optional list shows the additional benefits you can sign up for. You can review the cost of Optional Benefits by visiting the Eligibility and Rates section of our website.
  • You must also complete the Direct DepositCanada and BC Income Tax Forms at the bottom of the page. These forms cannot be completed online, and must be printed and completed by hand at the end of your enrolment session.

Step 3: Complete your forms

  • To begin completing your forms, scroll to the top of the page for instructions. You may complete your forms in any order, although we suggest you complete your forms in the order they appear on your Checklist.
  • Enter the requested information on each form. All fields with an asterisk * are required fields and must be completed before you click Submit at the bottom of the page. As you complete these fields, be sure to press Tab or Click to move to the next field. Pressing Enter will submit the form. For helpful hints on how to add dependents, see the Tips section below.
  • To complete forms from the Mandatory list, click on Complete / Edit Complete / Editbeside the form you wish to complete. Until you submit these forms, they will appear as “Incomplete” in the Ready to Print column.

Once you have completed all forms in the Mandatory list, you may proceed to Step 4: Print your forms. However, if you wish to sign up for additional benefits from the Optional List, please complete the optional benefits forms before proceeding to Step 4.

  • To complete forms from the Optional list, click on Complete / Edit Complete / Editbeside the benefit you wish to sign up for or select “Yes, I want this benefit”. If you do not wish to sign up for a particular optional benefit, ensure that “No, I do not want this benefit” remains selected.
  • If you have entered information incorrectly into a particular form and would like to clear the form to start over, click on Clear Formin that row to Reset the form. Selecting the ‘Clear and Reset All Forms‘ button will clear ALL of the information you have entered during the session, including your Personal Data (i.e. return to Step 1).
  • After you click Submit, a checkmark Completedwill appear on the Checklist to indicate the form is complete and Ready to Print. If you have decided not to sign-up for an optional benefit, ‘N/A‘ will appear in Ready to Print.
  • Ensure that you print the tax forms and complete them by hand during Step 4.

Helpful hints and tips

  • Complete the Mandatory forms first.
  • Pay close attention to the optional benefits. The costs associated with optional benefits may be paid by you, UBC or a combination of both. Before you begin, fully understand the benefits and any associated costs.
  • Adding dependents. Depending on your eligibility, you can add dependents to some or all of the following benefits: Extended Health, Dental and the Employee Family and Assistance Program.

Adding dependents is a two-step process: identifying your dependents and then signing them up for a particular benefit.

  • Identify your dependents. You will enter basic information about your dependents on the first form that allows you to add dependents. Start with your first dependent and enter information in the required fields.

Click on ‘Add Dependent‘ if you have additional dependents to add. The dependent information you enter here will be displayed on a dependent list.

  • Sign each dependent up for a specific benefit. Select from the dependent list the dependent you wish to add to the particular benefit. You will be asked to enter additional information for your dependent that is specific to each enrolment form. Click on ‘Submit’ once entered. This takes you back to the enrolment form and you will see that your dependent has now been added. Repeat the process to add more dependents.

If the form does NOT contain the dependents you thought you added, you may not have completed the second step. Click on the ‘dependent’ icon to view your dependent list.

If you still encounter problems with adding your dependents, please complete the form by hand after you have printed your forms in Step 4. Please describe your problems on the feedback form provided at the end of your session.

Step 4: Print your forms

  • If you don’t have access to a printer, proceed to the end of Step 4.
  • Once you have completed all forms in the Mandatory list and signed up for the additional benefits in the Optional list, your Checklist will display Print beside each completed form, including the Direct DepositCanada and BC Income Tax Forms. The only form you can submit online is the Employment Equity Census Questionnaire. If you have chosen not to sign up for a particular optional benefit, “N/A” will appear in the Ready to Print column. You do not need to include these forms in your Forms Package (Step 5).
  • Go to each completed form and click on Print.
  • A window will open for each form.
  • In each window, click File and then click Print. You can also click on the print icon on the toolbar.

If you don’t have access to a printer:

  • Go to each completed form and click on Print.
  • A window will open for each form.
  • Save each form to your computer or on your mobile phone.
  • Open in Adobe Acrobat or comparable software or mobile application that allows you to input your electronic signature.

Step 5: Compile your forms package

To ensure a timely first paycheque and accurate enrolment in your benefits, please compile your forms package with care.

  • Some forms print on multiple pages. Ensure that these forms are securely stapled together.
  • Sign all your forms (including the printed Checklist). If you see an error and need to edit and reprint any forms, do so as soon as possible as your session will time out and you will lose your work if your keyboard is inactive for more than 30 minutes.
  • Direct Deposit, Canada and BC Income Tax forms: Please complete and sign these forms by hand.
  • Optional Group Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (if completed): If you have nominated a beneficiary who is a minor (under age 18 for life insurance purposes), please have a witness sign and date the form.
  • Staff Pension Plan: If you have nominated a beneficiary who is a minor (under age 19), please have a witness sign and date the form. Enrolment forms must be accompanied by a ‘proof of birth’ document: a copy or photo of a birth certificate, Canadian citizenship card, passport or Nexus Card should be stapled to the enrolment form.
  • Click on End Session. This will take you to a brief online Feedback Form. Please take a few minutes to fill out the form. Your comments will help us improve this service.

Step 6: Send in your forms package

Send the package of all of your signed forms with required attachments, including the Checklist, by mail to the address noted below. For faster processing of your enrolment, submit your forms electronically, by following these steps:

  1. Print, sign and scan/photograph the forms and submit by uploading the forms or pictures of the forms in Qualtrics at: Qualtrics Submission Form; or
  2. Save forms, add electronic signature and upload forms in Qualtrics at: Qualtrics Submission Form.

Vancouver campus

Attention: Payroll
UBC Financial Operations
500 – 6190 Agronomy Road
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Okanagan campus

Attention: Payroll
UBC Finance Operations and Strategies
OM1 – 1157 Alumni Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7

What’s next?

Your forms will be reviewed by Payroll. You will not receive confirmation that your forms have been processed; however, you can confirm your enrolment on the UBC Faculty and Staff Self-Service Portal. You will need your CWL to log in to Self-Service and, if you are off-campus, you will need to connect to UBC’s VPN. This secure website allows you to view your benefit enrolments and update your personal and payroll information online.

If you have questions related to the status or processing of your benefits enrolment forms, please contact Payroll.

This is a good time to take care of a few additional items, as described below.

Register for Fair PharmaCare

If you have not registered for Fair PharmaCare, please do so immediately. You can register by phone or online:

  • Telephone: In the Lower Mainland, call 604-683-7151, Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Pacific Time; Elsewhere in BC, call 1-800-663-7100 during the same hours.
  • Online: Go to the PharmaCare website and register for Fair PharmaCare.

If you are new to BC, register for Fair PharmaCare as soon as you receive your BC Services Card.

Notify Sun Life of your Fair PharmaCare registration number

When you register for Fair PharmaCare, you will receive a letter with your (and, if applicable, your family’s) registration number. Please contact Sun Life to inform them of your number. If you have registered for Fair PharmaCare and have misplaced your letter, you can also provide Sun Life with your Personal Health Number on your BC CareCard/Services Card. When communicating with Sun Life, you will need to identify yourself using your group number (025205) and your member ID (7-digit UBC employee ID).

  • Telephone: Call the Sun Life Customer Care Centre at 1-800-661-7334, Monday – Friday 5:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.
  • Mail: Send a letter or forward a copy of your confirmation letter to the Sun Life Claims Office: PO Box 2010 Stn Waterloo, Waterloo, ON N2J 0A6.
  • Send proof of your registration with your next claims submission to Sun Life.

Look for your Sun Life pay-direct drug card

If you have enrolled in Extended Health, you will receive a Sun Life pay-direct drug card for your prescription drug purchases. This card will be sent to your home address in approximately three to four weeks.

If you have requested coverage for more than one dependent, you will be issued two cards in your name, as you are the primary plan member. No other identification cards will be issued.

Make a note of your Extended Health and Dental numbers

You’ll need these numbers when completing claim forms. Also let you dental office know so they can submit claims on your behalf.

  • Sun Life Group/Contract Number: 025205
  • Member/Certificate ID: your 7-digit UBC employee ID

Obtain a copy of your benefits booklet

To learn more about your benefits coverage and to find a copy of the Sun Life Group Benefits booklet, visit the HR Benefits website and click on your employment group.


If you have any problems completing the online enrolment session, please contact benefitsinfo@hr.ubc.ca. You can also call 604-822-8111 between 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday to Friday.

For specific questions regarding benefit plan eligibility, coverage, enrolment and opt-out requirements, please contact benefitsinfo@hr.ubc.ca or 604-822-8111.

For specific questions regarding Payroll and/or the following:

  • Direct deposit requirements
  • Tax forms (federal and provincial)
  • Appointment extension benefits eligibility
  • Any problems with paycheques and deducted amounts
  • Status and processing of payroll and benefit enrolment forms

At UBC’s Vancouver campus, contact your Staff Payroll Service Representative or Faculty Service Representative or 604-822-2187.

At UBC’s Okanagan campus, phone 250-807-8625

For specific questions regarding your Pension, including the benefits of pension plan enrolment (Faculty & Staff) and the processing of pension plan enrolment forms, please contact:


The benefits information on this website is provided as a descriptive summary only. While the University has endeavored to accurately reflect its benefit programs, policies and plans, the information on this website does not create any contractual or other rights between the University and its faculty and staff members. To the extent that there are any conflicts or discrepancies between the benefits information on this website and the benefit plan documents (including group insurance contracts and benefit booklets) or any applicable collective agreement, employment agreement, or UBC policy, the benefit plan documents and collective agreement, employment agreement, or UBC policy will govern in all cases.

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