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Benefits for UBC Hiring Solutions employees

UBC Hiring Solutions Probation and Benefits


Employees who are new to UBC Hiring Solutions (regardless of affiliation or union) serve a probationary period of 66 worked days of accumulated service, which helps to determine the suitability of the new employee to the university.

Performance evaluations and probation

UBC Hiring Solutions contacts the department you are assigned to during this time to ensure that our high standards are maintained. Using a performance evaluation form, we ask questions about your communication skills, dependability, quality of work, computer skills, etc. If a concern is brought to our attention, we will investigate and make a judgment call whether to notify you immediately about it. Otherwise, we will address it during your probation interview.

At the end of the 66 worked days, our Client Services and Staff Engagement Manager will contact you for a probationary interview.


Upon completion of 66 actual days worked (not including statutory holidays, vacation, sick days or weekends) with UBC Hiring Solutions, you may be eligible to apply for basic benefits. They would become effective on the first of the month following your eligibility, and include:

Our employees are NOT eligible for any other benefits such as Pensions, Tuition waivers, Disability plan and Life Insurance.

Benefits enrollment

At the end of the month, we review all employees approaching the end of their 66 worked days and send a detailed e-mail explaining benefit entitlement and benefit enrollment procedures and processes.

Please note that eligibility for benefits and completing probationary period are handled separately.  After the final payroll of the month is completed, you will receive a Workday benefits enrollment event if you have successfully completed your probation.  If you were unable to complete your probation by the end of this month, your Workday benefits enrollment event will be deferred to the following month.  You do not need to wait for your probation review before enrolling in benefits.  

The successful completion of your probation will be confirmed with final payroll of the month.  Once your probation completion is confirmed, you will receive a Workday event to enroll in your benefits effective the first day of the following month.  It can take up to four weeks to process your benefits application. In the meantime, if you need to go to the dentist or need medication,  you are eligible to be reimbursed as of the effective date. Please keep your receipts and make a claim when you receive your Sun Life card. Please send your claim applications directly to Sun Life.

**If it has been more than four weeks, please contact Sun Life directly via phone (1-800-661-7334 or 1-800-361-6212) or their website.

Group number is 025205, Member ID is your employee number.

Additional Benefits

You are also entitled to medical appointment and sick leave accumulations as outlined in your union contract.

Sick leave eligibility and policy

After 66 worked days, you complete your probationary period with UBC Hiring Solutions and (based on your status) become eligible for benefits on the first day of the following month.

This includes sick leave entitlement of 8.75 hours per month, provided you meet the eligibility criteria, which includes the requirement that you work a minimum of 11 days in a given month.

Medical / Dental appointment

Eligibility (for CUPE employees – if you are in a different affiliation, please contact us)

After 66 worked days with UBC Hiring Solutions, as of the 1st of the following month, you are eligible for 3.50 hour per month for medical / dental appointments. Employees working on assignments of less than 35 hours per week shall be exempt from this benefit.

1. Eligibility (for CUPE employees – if you’re in a different affiliation, please contact us)

After 66 worked days with UBC Hiring Solutions, as of the 1st of the following month, you are eligible for 3.50 hour per month for medical / dental appointments. Employees working on assignments of less than 35 hours per week shall be exempt from this benefit.

Example 1: If you are working four days per week, or five half-days, you will not be eligible for this benefit.

Example 2: If you have taken a personal day off during a week of a placement that you are scheduled full time, you will not be eligible for this benefit.

2. Accrual

Page 34, Article 30.06 (C) states that there shall not normally be more than an average of one half day per month for medical appointments. Excessive use of medical or dental appointments may require medical or dental certificates. Employees may use the 3.50 hours if necessary all at one time, or in pieces (e.g. three one-hour parcels at the end of the working day). When an employee exceeds 3.50 hours, the University will average usage over the 6 months immediately preceding the current month.

3. Restrictions

Employees cannot combine multiple medical appointments into a full day away from the office with pay.

4. Reporting

If you have a medical/dental appointment, the procedure to follow is:

  • Please make the request through the Time Sheet Portal.
  • Deduct the hours for the time taken from your daily hours and enter it in the Med column.
  • We require a minimum of one (1) week advance notice.

5. Usage

The University’s expectation is that employees make every reasonable effort to schedule their appointments outside of working hours. Please contact our Admin team if you have any concerns regarding the use of Medical / Dental appointments.

Benefits restrictions – working less than 35 hours per week

Please contact UBC Hiring Solutions to discuss benefits if you decide to reduce your hours to less than 35 hours per week.


If you still have questions about UBC Hiring Solutions benefits, please contact our Admin team.

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