Memo: Management & Professional Staff Compensation Review 2019

Date: Jan. 29, 2020
From: Lindi Frost, Executive Director, Employee & Labour Relations; Michelle Berner, Managing Director, Human Resources – Total Compensation, Health & Wellbeing; Gillian Henderson, Executive Director, Human Resources – UBC Okanagan
To: Deans, Directors, Department Heads and Administrators
Subject: M&P Compensation Review 2019

This provides an update on the 2019 review of M&P jobs. This memo provides specific details about the upcoming implementation.

Implementation of results

It is important to note that this compensation review will not result in a general wage increase (GWI) for all M&P staff. Adjustments are targeted at those job family levels that have fallen behind the 50th percentile of the relevant comparator market.

It is also important to note that the changes that are going to be implemented will not result in any lifting of the overall pay structure, but rather will result in rearrangement of the classification of targeted levels within job families. Separate negotiated GWIs result in across-the-board lifts to the overall pay structure and salaries. In 2019 the GWIs and ESDs lifted the overall pay structure and salaries as follows: 1% GWI and 0.75% ESD at May 1, 2019. Additionally, a GWI is yet to be negotiated in the current round of collective bargaining, with likely effective dates of July 1, 2019, July 1, 2020, and July 1, 2021.

For your reference, a list of M&P job family levels that will be changed is attached at the end of this memo. Please contact Salim Nayani at 604-827-6707 in the Vancouver Campus, or Angela McLean at 250-807-8582 in the Okanagan Campus, or your Human Resources Advisor if the implementation of these changes results in issues within your department or unit.

UBC’s salary scales are posted online.

Implementation rules

Even if a job family level is adjusted, this does not mean that every staff member within that level will receive a salary adjustment. Much depends upon where the M&P staff member’s salary is within the pay grade. Here are the implementation rules:

  1. If the staff member’s salary fell below the minimum of the “new pay grade”, then it will be increased to the minimum of the “new pay grade”. This will occur effective July 1, 2019.
  2. If the staff member’s salary was at or above the midpoint of the “old pay grade”, but fell below the midpoint of the “new pay grade”, then it will be increased to the midpoint of the “new pay grade”. This will occur effective July 1, 2019.
  3. Staff members who were above the midpoint of the “old pay grade”, and who remain above the midpoint of the “new pay grade” will not receive a salary increase.
  4. Staff members who were between the minimum and midpoint of the “old pay grade” and who remain between the minimum and midpoint of the “new pay grade” will not receive a salary increase.
  5. Departments hiring staff in the coming months should consider the changes outlined herein when establishing starting salaries to avoid unanticipated changes. Please contact Salim Nayani (604.827.6707) to consult on specific cases.

Implementation date

It is anticipated that the changes, including retroactive pay to that date, will be paid out on the March 15, 2020, pay cheque.

Department Administrators will receive a spreadsheet from Human Resources with changes denoted for each eligible M&P staff member in the faculty/department. The spreadsheet will be sent prior to implementation. In addition, staff members whose salaries are impacted will receive a letter directly from Human Resources advising them of their new job family level and salary as a result of the changes.

It is important that you contact Salim Nayani (604.827.6707) immediately if there are any issues, concerns, or corrections.

Eligibility notes

Former staff members who are no longer employed by UBC as of the implementation date are not entitled to any retroactive pay.

Staff members on salary continuance as of the effective dates who are eligible for a salary adjustment, will receive the respective pay adjustment.

Note that excluded M&P staff not represented by AAPS are not impacted by this implementation.


UBC Vancouver

Departments/faculties are responsible for funding salary adjustments for all positions.

The exception to this at the Vancouver campus is that the university will fund salary adjustments for core operating activity positions in faculties and administrative units. Core operating activities exclude non-operating funds as well as ancillary, continuing education, bill backs, and fee for service.

Questions about funding may be directed to the Vancouver Budget Office.

UBC Okanagan

On the Okanagan campus, the university will fund salary adjustments resulting from the M&P compensation review, for core operating activity positions in faculties and administrative units.

Core operating activities include those positions currently funded under the general purpose operating fund, and exclude positions funded by research, fee for service, endowment and ancillary funds.

Questions about funding may be directed to the Okanagan Budget Office.


We are pleased to have finalized the implementation plan for the M&P Compensation Review, and to be responsive to the principles in the AAPS Agreement. It is important to the university and to AAPS that M&P compensation remains competitive, given its fundamental nature in retaining and recruiting outstanding staff.

We look forward to expeditiously implementing the changes.

Please share this information with M&P staff in your department.

Thank you.

Summary of effect on job families

Note: Only job family levels that are affected are indicated below. Job family levels that are not indicated in the table below will not be changed.

Job family Levels Current pay grade New pay grade
Administration B 7 8
Business Development C 9 10
Business Operations F 11 13
Business Operations G 12 14
Business Operations H 14 15
Business Operations I 15 16
Clerk to Board or Senate C (formerly A2) 10 11
Clerk to Board or Senate D (formerly B) 12 15
Co-op Education C 9 10
Co-op Education D 11 12
Development & Alumni Engagement A See Note 6
Development & Alumni Engagement B See Note 8
Development & Alumni Engagement C See Note 9
Development & Alumni Engagement D See Note 11
Development & Alumni Engagement E See Note 13
Development & Alumni Engagement F See Note 15
Development & Alumni Engagement G See Note 16
Development & Alumni Engagement H See Note 17
Educational Programming E 12 13
Facilities Management C 8 9
Facilities Management D 9 10
Facilities Management E 10 11
Facilities Management F 11 12
Facilities Management G 12 13
Genetic Counsellor A 7 8
Genetic Counsellor B 8 9
Information Systems & Technology E 12 13
Information Systems & Technology E2 13 14
Information Systems & Technology F 14 15
Information Systems & Technology G 15 16
Information Systems & Technology H 16 17
Information Systems & Technology I 17 18
Institutional Analysis D 13 14
Institutional Analysis E 14 15
Institutional Analysis F 15 16
Museum B 6 7
Museum C 7 8
Museum D 8 9
Museum E 10 11
Museum F 11 12
Scientific Engineering A 4 6
Scientific Engineering B 6 7

Note: The Development & Alumni Engagement job family was reviewed, and the levels have been re-alphabetized based on the new Occupational Guidelines.

Job families not affected by the compensation review

  • Accounting
  • Athletics & Recreation
  • Conferences, Accommodations, Ceremonies & Events
  • Counsellors/Psychologists
  • Editorial & Production Services
  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Human Resources
  • Industry Liaison
  • Information Services
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Media Services
  • Nursing
  • Research and Facilitation
  • Security
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Student Management
  • Supply Management


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