M&P Job Family Descriptions


Accounting (01)

The Accounting job family encompasses positions performing all levels of accounting and financial functions at the University. Entry-level positions perform specific core accounting functions in the financial management of administrative unit. Intermediate level positions are responsible for performing specialized or complex financial management functions. Senior level positions represent significant financial leadership roles and are responsible for: overseeing financial operations, planning and implementation of comprehensive financial systems; managing substantive university held revenues and investments; or providing senior level financial reporting on behalf of the University.

Administration (02)

The Administration job family encompasses generalist positions managing the resources of an administrative or academic unit. Entry-level positions manage defined functional areas including human, financial and physical resources for smaller units. Intermediate level positions are more multi-functional and manage a broader range of resources of larger units typically having impact across multiple units and administrative levels. Positions at the most senior level manage the broadest range of resources and functions in very large and complex units. Such senior positions are responsible for planning the strategic development of systems and programs and managing large complements of staff.

Athletics & Recreation (05)

The Athletics job family encompasses positions managing and developing athletic programs and recreational services. At the entry and intermediate levels, positions are responsible for the development and implementation of specific athletic and coaching programs as well as the operation of sports camps. Positions at the senior level, manage athletic multiple sport, fitness and recreational programs and facilities for a division.

Business Development (55)

The Business Development job family encompasses positions responsible for identifying new business partners or developing opportunities to enhance or extend university programs and services in order to realize a profit for the university. At the entry level, positions manage specific business opportunities. Positions at the intermediate level research new business opportunities involving multiple business partners and manage large business centers. Positions at the most senior level provide strategic leadership in the development and funding of innovative entrepreneurial academic, research or business service opportunities.

Business Operations Management (56)

The Business Operations job family encompasses positions responsible for management of retail oriented business operations and services. This job family includes positions in retail operations of the Bookstore, Food Services, Traffic Office, Campus Mail and Housing & Conferences. At the entry level, positions manage the delivery of front-line business services at a specific locale or outlet. Positions at the intermediate level manage several small business service operations or oversee one specialized campus-wide business operation. More senior positions are responsible for managing several core administrative functions and systems or managing a highly specialized area in a large and complex business operation. The most senior positions are accountable for strategic management of all divisions of a large and complex business operation.

Clerk to Board or Senate (09)

The Clerk to Board or Senate job family includes positions responsible for providing advisory, liaison, research, policy development and communication services in support of the functioning of Senate Committees and the Board of Governors. At the entry level, positions provide advisory, liaison and research services to Senate Committees. Intermediate level positions assist in the development and administration of University policies such as curriculum development and election processes. Senior positions manage the approval of curriculum; liaise between the President and the Board of Governors or the Senate Committee; and communicate the decision made by the Board of Governors or Senate Committee.

Conferences, Accommodation, Ceremonies & Events (13)

Positions in the Conferences, Accommodation, Ceremonies & Events Job Family support the University’s many diverse conference and ceremonies functions. At the entry level, positions provide front-line professional service to clients by recommending accommodations/facilities, developing conference, accommodation and event plans, negotiating rates and contracts with suppliers, and assisting with marketing and sales initiatives. Intermediate level positions are responsible for developing complex proposals and budgets, planning high profile conferences, ceremonies, and managing public information initiatives. Senior level positions are accountable for the overall management of accommodation, conference and event planning service operations to meet client expectations and industry standards.

Co-operative Education (44)

Positions in this job family are responsible for providing counseling and job placement services to students enrolled in the University’s Co-operative Education programs. At the entry level, positions work directly with students and employers to identify suitable job placements and support students/employers involved in Co-op programs. Intermediate level positions are responsible for developing, implementing and assessing particular Co-operative Education program areas within a faculty. Senior level positions manage large units providing all Co-operative Education programs and services for a faculty.

Counsellors & Psychologists (54)

Development & Alumni Engagement (52)

The Development & Alumni Engagement job family encompasses positions engaged in fundraising campaigns and alumni initiatives in support of the University’s academic and research goals. Positions in this job family solicit donations from alumni and corporate donors to ensure continual growth in the University’s funding, and increase the engagement of the University’s alumni. At the entry level, positions manage staff engaged in donor solicitation activities and research potential donor opportunities. Intermediate level positions are responsible for managing fundraising and alumni activities and initiatives for a small to a medium-sized faculty or program area. More senior level positions manage larger fundraising portfolios, solicit major gifts, and strategize complex fundraising and alumni campaigns. The most senior level positions in this job family direct very large fundraising portfolios and manage the University’s highest profile fund-raising campaigns.

Editorial & Production Services (16)

Positions in the Editorial & Production Services Job Family are responsible for researching, writing, editing, producing and distributing University publications in a variety of media. At the entry-level positions research, write and edit content for publications and liaise with contributing authors, editorial boards, publishers, reviewers and services providers. Intermediate level positions manage small to large projects requiring the collaboration of copy-editors, artists/designers, and typesetters/printers in the production of a publication. Positions at the most senior level are accountable for managing large editorial and production service units. These positions may also be responsible for strategic planning, marketing, fundraising and public relations for one or more major publications.

Educational Programming (17)

Positions in this job family are responsible for planning, developing and delivering courses and curriculum in educational program areas. At the entry level, positions are responsible for the development and delivery of courses within a specific educational programming area. Intermediate level positions are responsible for curricular design and the delivery of curriculum in larger educational programming areas. More senior level positions in this job family manage broadly based educational projects, direct diversified educational program areas, or provide pedagogical support to faculty and administrators. The most senior level positions in this job family are responsible for seeing business opportunities and partnerships and for developing plans, policies and innovative strategies for the delivery of comprehensive educational programs.

Facilities Management (63)

Genetic Counsellors (47)

The Genetics Counselors job family encompasses positions responsible for the delivery of medical genetics services including: counseling, community education, clinical research and patient care. Entry-level positions provide counseling, patient care and educational outreach services. Positions at the senior level manage genetic counseling service units and are responsible for the design, development and evaluation of genetic counseling programs.

Graphic Design & Illustration (58)

The Graphic Design & Illustration job family encompasses positions responsible for providing graphic design, art, publication layout and medical illustration services. Entry-level positions advise clients regarding graphic design/media and produce graphic designs, art and publication layouts. Intermediate level positions manage units providing graphic design services and develop project plans. Senior positions in this job family design and produce medical illustrations.

Health Safety & Environment (48)

Positions in this job family administer, develop, promote, manage and strategize Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) programs at the University. Entry-level positions conduct field inspections and risk assessments to ensure health, safety and environmental standards are upheld and the university’s obligation to meet legislated requirements is met. At the intermediate level, positions in this job family develop and manage HSE programs by developing policies, providing consultative services and overseeing subordinate staff. More senior level positions heads sections encompassing diverse programs. The position at the most senior level is responsible for the overall operation of the HSE and provides strategic direction for HSE at the university.

Human Resources (30)

The Human Resources job family encompasses positions responsible for providing consultative, advisory and administrative management services in all areas of human resource management including: recruitment, employee relations, organizational training and development, total compensation and human resource management systems. At the entry level positions deliver first level general advisory, administrative or specialist services. Intermediate level positions provide in-depth specialist advice to support programs or services in a major area of human resources. More senior level positions are responsible for providing leadership in a major human resource area. The most senior positions in this job family provide strategic leadership in human resources management and policy development.

Industry Liaison (59)

Information Services (23)

Positions in the Information Services job family are responsible for the provision of public information and communications services at the university. At the entry level, positions are involved in writing informational materials or the delivering general public information and communications services. Positions at the intermediate level develop and implement broader communication plans involving multiple faculties or requiring collaboration with external partners. Senior level positions are responsible for conceptualizing and executing university-wide communication plans and for providing leadership.

Information Systems & Technology (12)

Positions in the Information Systems & Technology job family provide information technology systems support and development services to administrative units. Positions at the entry level are responsible for computer programming, providing technical advice and managing small local area networks. Intermediate level positions provide consultative and technical support for campus-wide systems or manage large, complex local area networks and units. Senior level positions manage core campus-wide information systems and provide strategic leadership for the development of information systems and technologies across the university.

Institutional Analysis (24)

The purpose of the Institutional Analysis job family is to conduct research and analyses in support of planning and policy development at the university. Responsibilities of entry-level positions include researching and the preparing statistical reports. Intermediate level positions plan and implement research projects and surveys or develop models for use in strategic planning. At the senior level, positions plan and lead high-level analytical studies of university programs and services. These positions also research and recommend institutional policies and goals and provide consultation and guidance to the senior executive of the university.

Marketing & Sales (27)

Positions in the Marketing & Sales job family are engaged in sales, promotional, advertising and marketing campaigns. Entry-level positions perform general sales, promotional and marketing duties. Intermediate level positions develop and implement specialized marketing or advertising/publicity campaigns. At the senior level, positions develop broad marketing campaigns and provide strategic management for a large marketing unit.

Media Services (46)

The Media Services job family represents positions designing multi-media materials/presentations or delivering video, audio-visual, television and digital production services to community clients. Positions at the entry level specialize in the design of multi-media materials/presentations or produce audio-visual and television presentations. Intermediate level positions manage service units producing broader range audio-visual, digital visual and other media services to a an entire faculty. At the senior level, positions either manage an interactive media production studio to serve the university community or a large media development unit providing a full range of media production services to a broad range of client users.

Museum (11)

The Museum job family encompasses positions providing conservation, collections, archival, curatorial, exhibit display and outreach educational and community programming services for one of the University’s museums. Positions at the entry level provide first level general conservation and collections services or deliver established community and educational programs. Intermediate level positions perform a higher level of conservation, collections, archival, exhibit design or curate new public education programs. Positions at the intermediate level may also manage special projects, oversee information access systems or oversee student/volunteer activities. At the senior level, positions provide specialist level conservation, collections, archival, curatorial or exhibit display services.

Nursing (29)

Positions in the Nursing job family are responsible for co-ordinating the involvement and general nursing care for patients participating in clinical trials, overseeing the conduct of multiple research studies, supporting the clinical components of undergraduate nursing programs, or providing overall management of broad research studies. Entry-level positions recruit patients to clinical trials, collect and analyze data, and perform related nursing duties. At the intermediate level, positions oversee the conduct of research studies, manage professional staff and provide support to clinical nursing training. Positions at the senior level provide overall management and leadership for broad research studies, contribute to the refinement research protocols and prepare analyses and reports on research findings.

Research & Facilitation (37)

The Research& Facilitation job family encompasses a full range of professional science and social science research work performed at the university. Positions at the entry level perform specific research tasks for a research project including: developing project proposals, collecting data, and preparing preliminary analyses and scientific reports. Intermediate level positions fully manage research projects by: establishing project work plans, timelines and staffing resources; preparing budgets; developing communications plans; and pursuing potential funding and research partnership opportunities.  More senior level positions provide leadership for multiple research projects or oversee the operation of a substantial research facility.  Positions at this level also develop strategies to further research in a specific area.  The most senior positions of the Research job family are responsible for providing vision and direction for a multi-user research facility supporting an international scientific consortium.

Scientific Engineering (39)

Positions in the Scientific Engineering job family are involved in experimental and analytical investigations related to engineering design and the development of highly specialized research equipment. At the entry level, positions design analytical protocols for investigations, develop computer/numerical models, design and build experimental equipment, and conduct related experiments. Positions at the intermediate level undertake research related to the development of unique experimental machines or engines, plan engineering aspects of research projects, and advise on the conduct of research projects. Senior level positions are responsible for scientific engineering design and research within a very specialized area or involving very highly advanced scientific equipment.

Security (43)

The Security job family encompasses positions responsible for ensuring the security of the university’s people, property and assets. Entry-level positions investigate criminal and non-criminal incidents in collaboration with RCMP, municipal law enforcement agencies and the security divisions of other universities. Intermediate level positions oversee the administrative, operational, financial and staffing functions of the Security Department. At the most senior level, positions provide strategic leadership and direction in the management and delivery of security services at the university.

Statistical Analysis (40)

The purpose of the Statistical Analysis job family is to support research at the university through the conduct of statistical analyses, statistical modeling and the design of statistical methodologies. Responsibilities of entry-level positions include: advising researchers on study design, analysis and application of statistical methods; extracting information for research analysis; and interpreting statistical results. Intermediate level positions design statistical methodologies and perform statistical modeling. At the senior level, positions provide expertise and leadership in the planning stages of research design and introduce new statistical methodologies/designs.

Student Management (61)

The Student Management job family encompasses positions responsible for managing a wide range of student related activities and services in three streams including: Advising Services: where the core purpose of the role is to provide academic advice and guidance to students, faculty or staff; Direct Services: where the core purpose of the role is to provide non-academic advice and guidance directly to students, faculty or staff; Enabling Services: where the core purpose of the role is to provide coordination, implementation, design, planning or leadership of student programs and/or services that are operational, administrative, or strategic. At the entry level, Student Management positions provides academic and non-academic advice and guidance or develops and implements individualized programs for a number of programs. Intermediate level positions provides comprehensive advisory services and/or develops, delivers and evaluates programs, services or projects for an extensive number of programs. More senior level positions are responsible for the leadership of programs, or subject-matter expert responsible for researching, designing and/or promoting broad-based, innovative, and strategic campus-wide initiatives and services. The most senior level positions provides overall vision and strategic direction of a unit and develops long-term strategic goals and initiatives that align with university objectives

Supply Management (34)

Positions in the Supply Management job family are responsible for the acquisition of goods and services on behalf of the university. Entry level positions in this job family research and support an assigned portfolio of university clients by evaluating new products and services, managing tendering and purchasing processes, and evaluating vendor performance. At the intermediate level, positions manage purchasing and tendering processes for major university contracts serving a broader portfolio of university clients. More senior level positions either manage acquisitions for complex business projects or oversee very high value and complex procurements. The most senior level of positions provides leadership and overall management for a central administrative unit providing acquisition services for the university.

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